Wednesday, 20 April 2016

For St. George and England...

St George fights the dragon in Barcelona
Well, as we all know St. George wasn't English; his adoption as an English saint dates from the Crusades. And the dragon wasn't real (are any dragons real?). But aside from all this we celebrate St. George's day on 23rd April, and I'm pleased to say Annie's Fantasies clog-dancers have been invited to a 'Fun Day' at our base of Roman Circus house this Saturday. We hope to dance from midday to about 1.30 pm (with a break for much-needed refreshment). See you there!

PS if you haven't seen 'Clybourne Park' at the Mercury yet - go! Forget any discussion of themes and social issues - this is modern farce of the highest calibre. I thought it was very funny.

Song? - Puff the Magic Dragon - come on, sing along! (lively crowd, must have been a tough gig!)

Annie's practice (oh yes we do) at RCH

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