Thursday, 11 August 2016

Book early to Avoid Disappointment...

Artistic Director and top Cellist Orlando Jopling

I have been fortunate to follow the Roman River Festival for many years, and have seen and heard remarkable performances,. Ten years ago Artistic Director Orlando Jopling bemoaned the fact that any 'new' or 'different' concerts (e.g. new composers or non-classical collaborations) were difficult to sell. Well, Colchester has caught up now! and how - with last year's concerts marking a watershed for me. I was lucky enough to witness the excitement of the audience listening for the first time to a piece by young composer Gwilym Symcock performed by the brilliant Sacconi Quartet at Firstsite last year. The Sacconi are back this year, and amongst their gigs is a performance of Elvis Costello's 'The Juliet Letters' sung by Jon Boden, ex. Bellowhead. the word is out. Some concerts for this autumn's Festival are already sold out, and others nearly so. So, if you want to witness exciting World-class music-making in our town  this Autumn - book now to avoid disappointment!

Song - Elvis Costello and the Brodsky quartet - The Birds will still be Singing. Phew -- I'd forgotten how good this is!

Composer Gwilym Symcock in conversation with Anthony Roberts at last year's festival

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