Monday, 19 December 2016

Hythe Spirit...

St. Leonard's-at-the-Hythe in the December mist

The door to St Leonard's

When I first came to Colchester the port was still working (just about), and there are still reminders that this was a thriving area of Colchester hundreds of years ago. The church of St. Leonards on Hythe hill is now cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust, who open it occasionally.  I've never been inside, so can't miss the opportunity for some Christmas Carols next Wednesday (21st December), at 7.30 pm. Just think how many people in how many circumstances have been here in the last 700 years! And that's what I tend to think about at Christmas, a human story of family and survival. In Colchester 1648 it was all about survival - the church door still bears the marks. And our streets still bear the names - Lucas, Fairfax, Honywood, -all from the Civil War.

Song - Christmas number 1 from 1965 -We Can Work it Out - the Beatles. The first double-A side single, with 'Day Tripper' .  Oh yes, hours of happy research go into  this you know! And for anyone that thinks our modern pop stars know how to act up for the cameras - there's nothing new!
Wednesday 7.30 pm.

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  1. It will be great to see you. A key to the Church can be picked up at Platinum Crown (134 Hythe Hill) if you want to go and see the church during the day. The carols by candlelight is a lovely service and a traditional thing for people to attend.