Friday, 15 January 2016

In the House...

Painted shutters at the Queen St. Brewhouse
Good evenings this winter at the Queen St. Brewhouse - I hope to get along in Feb - why not give it a try? - always good beers and ciders on.

PS. I am also alerted to a performance of Haydn's Cello concerto by the 2012 BBC young musician of the year at St Botolphs this saturday. Thanks to Liz Leatherdale _ why not join her mailing list at
PPS Wivenhoe farmer's market this Saturday - go along and say hi for me- I'm enjoying fresh food from farmers' stalls here in the Bahamas.

Let's think of a song.... Elvis has left the building! Inspired by an email from Firstsite, who I believe have nicked my idea of an off-the-wall link for each email! Feel free guys, hope it brings in more people, it can only be good! Awesome 'Listening' exhibition by the way!

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