Tuesday, 5 January 2016

'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello

Police patrol the streets of Ipswich Town Centre

Happy new Year to all my readers (hello mum). Today I went to visit some Constables in Ipswich. John Constables. It seems to me a well-kept secret that nestling in the quaint and quirky museum that is Christchurch Mansion is a lovely little art gallery. And thanks to the Colchester and Ipswich museums service it often hosts great exhibitions. None more so than the current display of John Constable's masterpiece 'Salisbury Cathedral', which was bought by the Tate in 2013 in a deal which included regional galleries, including our own. So you can go and enjoy all £23.1 million of it, on your own, no crowds, for free, until 31st January.  I expected to go to see the painting, but what surprised me was the exhibition surrounding it, including other artists with a strong Ipswich connection, and who were influenced by Constable, such as Cedric Morris and Lucian Freud. Great Stuff...well worth the trip. And for refreshment before or afterwards there's a choice of two great pubs just 5-10 minutes walk away - the Dove St. Inn and the Mulberry Tree (great range of real ciders for Mrs Blogger). Unfortunately sold-out theatres (now there's a thing!) prevented me spending the evening in Ipswich as well... some other time.

Mrs. Blogger suggests the following music for today - A Policeman's lot is not a Happy One - Gilbert and Sullivan, Pirates of Penzance. Happy New Year!

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