Thursday, 21 July 2016

Lend a hand, lend an ear....

Even older folk can hold hands.....
'Performance Art' - what do we mean by this? for me it is above all about a personal interaction, not passively looking at a picture or watching a film, but connecting with other people. And it's not really about big ideas, unless you count reconnecting with the beautiful simplicity of life a 'Big Idea'.

A man I trust totally to put something interesting in front of the good folk of Colchester has got the most beautiful, simple performance lined-up for this weekend, created by Rosanna Cade. So how about being in touch physically, and having a chat? All he now needs is some people who want to try it. There is nothing to lose.... Pay what you can or want to, and you can even ring Anthony Roberts (for it is he of course) to find out more on 07814 695598. Find out more or book by clicking here for Saturday or here for Sunday. And if you can't be there (sadly that's the case for me) then please share this.
Song - well among many strong contenders it has to be the Beatles - I want to hold your Hand.

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