Friday, 1 July 2016

Parr for the course...

Martin Parr photographed at Firstsite!

Martin gets in a bit of work at the opening
Song - Blondie - Picture This - nothing too subtle! A fabulous live video, and despite Debbie Harry's ,erm, presence, it's great to hear what a tight live band they were.
Selfies with Martin!

And you can take part too by submitting your own photos. How about this one?
Martin Parr may not be as familiar a name as Andy Warhol, but I think he is one of the greatest artists working in this Country. His wry photographs show the absurdity of being human (and it doesn't get much more absurd than the last week). I beseech you to catch the show at Firstsite - it's great fun.
With thanks and apologies to Sally and Lynn of Annie's Fantasies

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