Saturday, 15 October 2016

Lost Souls.....

Crucifixion of Mankind by Connor Barrett

I've been away for a bit but what do I find on my return?....Just when you think Colchester is getting almost trendy, good new restaurants, great recent theatre, Martin Parr, someone has to remind us we are still in reactionary Essex. Connor Barrett's fine artwork, resolutely of it's time but also speaking now of man's inhumanity to man (Aleppo anyone?), has been removed from the perfect space for it, proudly in Colchester Library. Apparently in an era when it's ok to bombard children with sexualised images, and feeding them junk food is fine, showing a scene from the Bible and explaining how the World could be a better place is not. As an Atheist I deplore the desecration of our country's Christian heritage!
If anyone is organising protests, let me know - I'll be there. Write to your MP, your councillor (these decisions are taken in your name). I am and I expect them to listen.
And, by the way, No! this cannot be 'hidden' somewhere else - It's a public artwork for a public space, and is part of Colchester History.
This is the first negative blog I have written....sorry! - but at least Colchester made it  to the 'Scottish Mail on Sunday'!
Song - The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket - because when we attach more importance to the price of Marmite than to censorship and war - then we're all lost.


  1. We thought we were holding the barbarians off at the gates and it turns out they are inside and running the library.

    Your post isn't negative. You're asking for something positive - the restoration of the piece.

    I tried e-mailing my councillor and asked her for her own opinion on the removal. She didn't even bother to reply.

    Just curious, what did you mean by "resolutely of its time"? Bible story illustration, WWI, WWII, cold war era? Or were you referring to the style of the work.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. By 'resolutely of it's time' I meant the style of the work, which some people may find old-fashioned, and thus an excuse to remove it! Try the Essex county councillor (for 'tis they that call the shots on this) Good luck!