Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Yakety-Yak..(do talk back)

Isaac James warms up in his spectacular dance studio at Firstsite

Firstsite is packed with all sorts of activities and arts this next 10 days (until 30th October). A gallery take-over by YAK (Young Art Kommunity) sees dance, juggling, gaming. painting and loads more.
2000 years at Firstsite - from mosaics to hula-hoops
So checkout the program here, or just pop in for details. Also on Facebook 'FirstsiteYAK'
Song - Yakety-Yak, the Coasters.

Oh, it just came to my notice that Essex County Council are one of the supporters of this. Strange since this is what they think of Colchester's artistic heritage!
Colchester Public(?) Library 18th October 2016
I think everyone should go in to the foyer and punch the 'red face' on their 'how are we doing?' screen. And type in an explanation 'put back the Crucifixion of Mankind' . I just did and it made me feel better. Might go and do it again tomorrow.

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