Friday, 24 February 2017

Batter(ed) In Wivenhoe!

Some pancake ingredients

Visiting local farmers' markets you get to meet all sorts of people working hard at community events. They have to work hard to get their products sold - no marketing or advertising budget for small farmers, bakers etc! I had a great chat to one half of the Norwegian Bakers at Wivenhoe Farmers' Market last week (the non-Norwegian half I guess), who has great ideas to get involved with all sorts of events, including a Pancake Day event from 6 pm. next Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday). details below.

So If you're in Wivenhoe - some nice waffles for  supper look essential! The Norwegian bakers will also be at the Minories Bazaar on Saturday 4th March - see you there!
Song - well, I didn't know that 'Pancake' is a hip-hop dance move, but I do now! - if you want to try it watch this (of course you may already be an expert). A beautiful dance  I found is Pillows and Pancakes - song by Miguel Jontel, dance by Isiah Munoz

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