Tuesday, 28 February 2017

On the Beat in Constable country

A trip to visit friends in Wales was cancelled at the last minute, so what to do instead last weekend? Turning to my inbox I found the weekly email from Liz Leatherdale, Colchester Classics, which gives details of local concerts. (Why not sign-up to her newsletter?) The Vanburgh Quartet, East Bergholt, 4 pm. Sunday. Perfect! - time for a nice lunch at the Sun Inn, Dedham, then a stroll over the fields into darkest Suffolk for the concert. Torch for the walk back (it really was darkest Suffolk by then).
The 1531 temporary bell-cage.

I love it when a plan comes together - particularly a last-minute one. East Bergholt church is an interesting structure, particularly the 'Bell Cage' - a temporary structure erected in 1531 - and still in use today.
The Stour Valley Arts and Music Society is in to an impressive 66th season, and they are obviously well-organised, as the 67th season, starting next October, is already planned. There's still a couple of concerts left this season - check out their website for details.

Song - sadly I have used Blondie's 'Eat to the Beat' before (Feb 16th 2016 if you want too hear it). how about Aztec Camera - Walk out to Winter - soon be Spring though! (Yes, Roddy Frame is still alive!)

I would have posted a picture of my lovely food - but I'd eaten it all before I remembered!

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