Thursday, 9 March 2017 Harwich

A nice sunset walk in Harwich before the film

Good to see work underway on the development in town that will see Colchester gaining a new Curzon cinema, but in the meantime we still have good choices for cinema-goers, aside from the good old Odeon. There's an interesting weekly program in Wivenhoe, but best of all is the splendid 1911 Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich.

More than one shilling I'm afraid
A Nice pint in the Alma pub beforehand, then a stroll to the Cinema. I recommend getting there in good time to enjoy one of their delicious ice-creams. I enjoyed La-La Land - a great film. I don't understand the people who normally would consider themselves open-minded and interested in the arts saying 'I don't like musicals', or 'there's not much of a story', or 'they can't sing and dance that well' . One - it's a great Film, as well as a musical - enjoy the sweeping camera, the colour, the acting. Two - not all films have to have a aching, arching, usually depressing story, and Three - well, pay attention! - that's the point! - it's partly about the dream of Hollywood in all our lives. Anyway, I loved it, you are at liberty to not love it, but please give it a chance.
Song - sorry, has to be A Lovely Night - La La Land. One shot - cinematic brilliance.

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