Friday, 31 March 2017

A little old-fashioned (but that's allright)..

A good old-fashioned rec at Old Heath

One of the Gates
My wonderful wife likes some old-fashioned pleasures (no guffaws please) such as reading Colchester's fine weekly newspaper 'The Essex County Standard' every week. She says it's so she can tell which patients have died or been sent to prison. But she does spot interesting events going on in our town. We are lucky to have several active societies with interests such as Nature (Colchester Natural History Society), archaeology (Friends of Colchester Archaeological trust) and local history. The Friends of Colchester Museums and Art Galleries (a bit of a mouthful!) are holding a talk By well-known local historian Andrew Phillips, about the new Recreation Park gates (no, I didn't know either). It's at Lion Walk church, April 11th, 7.30 pm. If you want more info. you can email - but if you've read the Essex County Standard from cover to cover you'll already know that.

The gates were designed by Tim Ward with ideas supplied by local primary schools. Accompanying descriptive plaques (written by Andrew Phillips) give some of the fascinating history.

Song - Good Old-fashioned Lover Boy - Queen. Saw them in '78, when I was a young old-fashioned lover boy! Brian May in his pomp - how many Rock Guitar legends went on to be Astrophysicists?

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