Saturday, 11 March 2017

Multiple Choice

Bang up to date at Firstsite - with thanks to Zhang Enli

Not one but three (and a half) new Shows at Firstsite - So no excuse for not finding something interesting! The canvases and painting along the curved wall by Zhang Enli are to my mind plodding, but you might think differently - go see!

....and the 'WunderKammer' of items from Colchester and Ipswich Museums is not helped by unimaginative curation  - but you might enjoy the artefacts.

For me the most interesting exhibition was #WorldsUpsideDown, about how the changing use of media has influenced revolutions around the world.... only on until 2nd April. It's not just riots and dictators - there's even Morris wallpaper!

with thanks to Zhang Enli and Firstsite

Song - The Great Curve - Talking Heads.

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