Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Energy from Fusion...in Coggeshall

Colchester Chamber Choir in a previous fusion project - with nature at the Beth Chatto Gardens

When a Classical orchestra, choir, or festival advertise a 'fusion' between Classical music and some other genre I'm nervous - another attempt to 'sex up' some classical repertoire with someone playing, oh, something like Jazz Guitar. But what do we have here? - the next Colchester Chamber Choir gig on March 19th features their usual impeccable and superbly researched choral repertoire, this time based on the 'Song of Songs', with guitar improvisations from Jazz king Chris Allard. The advertising even uses the word 'Fusion' -scary stuff.
This caused me to muse on my prejudices. I am fond of claiming eclectic tastes - and here's two eclectic things for the price of one! And I don't believe in the boundaries between musical genres. And certainly I don't believe in the old classical snob view that Classical music is 'proper' music (implying all other forms are lesser in some way).  And then I realised that one of the most enjoyable concerts for me last year was a duet of Jazz Trumpeter and Classical harpist! (at Birmingham Town Hall - a great place to hear music if you're ever in that area).

So why not make your way to Coggeshall (booking tickets here first of course) on Sunday 19th March? It will be interesting. It might be fun. It may be amazing. Starts 7 pm - See you there!

Song - Here's a taste of Chris Allard, albeit in a slightly different context, in a duet with Jacqui Dankworth - 'One Friend'.  Chris will have many singing friends on Sunday, including Tenor Christopher Huggon, who is training with The Sixteen.

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