Wednesday, 5 April 2017

To be Someone......

A Handbag?!

Gippeswyk Hall, home to Red Rose Theatre in Ipswich
As a Colchester theatre-goer I have to admit to a little secret - sometimes when there's nothing I fancy in Colchester I slip away to Ipswich. I've seen many friends in the audience of the New Wolsey and the Sir John Mills theatres over the years. And now there is a new bijou space for great theatre, the Avenue, home of Red Rose Chain. I popped up there yesterday to see their super production of Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. It's on until this Sunday (9th April). If you get a chance, go. The small space (120 seats) means the actors can really interact with the audience. It's pacey and perfectly, farcically timed.  And of course there are more funny one-liners than any play you're likely to see. They even squeeze a swing onto the set - looking rather like a famous painting! And I was left pondering on  the 'Influence of a permanent income on Thought'!

It's only a five minute walk from the station so you can easily get there from Colchester by train. Take something to read - 'I never travel without my diary - one should always have something sensational to read' - thank you for that tip Oscar.

Song - can't decide between the original and the cover of  To be Someone....Cover by Noel Gallagher, original by the unbeatable Paul Weller and the Jam. Eloquence versus passion - you choose!

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