Friday, 12 May 2017

Party Animal....

Other political parties are available

Ok, this blog keeps out of politics (except where it concerns the arts, so I've just contradicted that!). But that doesn't mean I'm not concerned with politics. And what I feel most is that democracy brings rights, but also responsibilities. And foremost amongst those is to understand the issues that matter most to you, and to find out where those seeking election stand on those issues. There are many ways of doing that (despite criticism from both right and left, the BBC is a good starting point), but in Colchester we are lucky that our own Mercury Theatre runs a very successful 'Hustings' night. So please go along and get involved. It's on May 17th, and you can book places and put down your questions here. I would see you there, but I am briefly out of the country - the best choice with a Tory landslide on the way....oh, sorry, given the game away now! How about a song to cheer me up? - Roxy Music - Manifesto -I saw the London gig on that tour. Just before the start of the Thatcher years.
Since I've strayed into political reporting, I should state that the Candidates so far standing in Colchester are
Mark Goacher – Green party
Sir Bob Russell – Liberal Democrat party
Will Quince – Conservative party
Cllr Tim Young – Labour party

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