Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Worth getting out of bed for....

A great innovation at our wonderful Arts Centre this week - the play 'Prelude to a Coat' that is being performed on Wednesday evening will reappear on Thursday (11th May) at 10.30 in the morning. So if, for example, you've young children at school and can't make it in the evening, you can pop along. Or if you just fancy something different...whatever the excuse, why not give it a go? according to Anthony  'It's a gorgeous, intimate, beautiful, generous hour with a wonderful theatre maker. A show about those decisions we make at the crossroads in our lives.  About quietly waking up one day and finding who we are. About suddenly, finding something in your coat pocket... and thinking ... how the hell did that get there? What's my life become? But in a good way too'.
 It's one of the hugely successful 'Pay what you can' nights (and mornings), so it won't even cost much. See you there!
Song - the hugely underrated Lisbee Stainton who I saw supporting Joan Armatrading - Girl on an unmade bed.

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