Saturday, 23 September 2017

Come Together......

What is the Roman River Festival? - it's simply world-class artists performing in intimate venues in and around Colchester. Is it Classical music? - well, yes there's violins and sopranos, but there's also contemporary dance, new music, film, and even swimming.
International star Harriet Mackenzie plays for an audience of 100 in Abberton Today

It's worth checking out the website for tickets at short notice - I was lucky to grab the last ticket for the concert in Abberton Church today. Totally beautiful, huge thanks to Harriet and Deborah Pritchard, an exciting composer who sees music as colours.... As I've said before, you are listening to artists that have graced famous stages throughout the World, in intimate and atmospheric venues, and you can get to discuss the music with them. You don't even need to buy a train ticket.
It's so exciting to see the Roman River Festival grow to be an all-singing, all dancing (literally) arts festival. Artistic Director Orlando Jopling (who is principal conductor at the Royal Orchestral Society and is also an outstanding Cellist) and his team have worked hard to make this a truly diverse festival for all of Colchester. Yes, many of the venues are churches (but have you been in them?) but also he has collaborated across the arts scene in town to bring such delights as the new music gig at the Arts Centre next Wednesday, with Gwyneth Herbert and Will Duke. See You there!

Music - The Beatles Come Together from the Abbey Road album. Not about what you think!

My transport to today's gig - that's the beauty of a local festival!
My wife's bike - no one seems to want to nick a woman's bike with a basket on the front!

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