Sunday, 28 January 2018

A Time and a Place......

Another story from our Library. You see we all have favourite authors, and you can avidly seek new titles from them on the shelves of Colchester Library. But what happens when you stray to an adjacent book? I was looking for Rose Tremain, and lo and behold next to her was Colchester's own Liz Trenow. So I tried her 'The Silk Weaver' and found it excellent. It evoked a time and a place (Spitalfields, 1760s) without getting bogged down, told a good story but with enough well-researched historical detail. I shall be seeking-out more - and Liz has a new book out which she will be talking about at Waterstone's in Colchester at 7 pm. this Monday (29th Jan.). If, like me, you can't make that she is also appearing at the Essex Book Festival in March. See you there!

And Rose Tremain? - 'Sound and Silence' is magnificent.

Song - I Could Write a Book - O. V. Wright from my much-played 1983 compilation on Charly Records
Sadly no Liz Trenow last week - but grab 'Music and Silence'

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