Thursday, 11 January 2018

Public Library and other stories......

It's good to see our Libraries in Essex faring a little better than in some areas, but they still need our love and support, so whenever I'm in town I try to pop in and see what's on. And this time I found a interesting-sounding play by the aptly-named Librarian Theatre which will be performed---in the Library! So why not book tickets (just £7) or pop along on Monday 15th January to support two good things...Libraries and Live Theatre! See you there.....

Song..I give you two versions of  At the Library - Green Day
If you want to know what it was like in the days of 'Punk' then try this one, from 1992, amazing since it dates from before the ubiquitous mobile phone footage. Or try this cover, which combines some passion with audible lyrics. Left-handed too!
A fine modern British author, available free from Colchester Library (when I've returned it!)

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