Monday, 30 May 2016

Feed the Birds......

Peaceful Abberton reservoir from the Layer church carpark, last Friday 8.30 am.

I took a walk over to the Visitor Centre at Abberton Reservoir last week. Essex Wildlife Trust do a great job promoting this special site for wildlife, and to raise funds they now host music events throughout the year - the next is an outdoor event on Friday evening, followed by a Soul party on Saturday. Why not pop along? There are, of course, also some good family activities this week - check out the website by clicking on the link above. I think I'd take a jumper (or two).
For  those twitchers among you, there were great views of Yellow Wagtail, Skylark and Gadwall from the path down from church.

I do hope you enjoy a trip there - I can only blog what's publicised, and I'd like to apologise to anyone who was disappointed by the Farmers' Market at Bourne Mill that I blogged - I was given the information about stallholders just 3 weeks ago by staff there. I'll include an update in a future blog. I'm passionate about local food and try to highlight what's available.  I'm afraid I don't think there's a Colchester Farmers' market this month either - it's usually the first Friday of the month at the Arts Centre, but that will be full of beer this Friday...see the next blog!

Song - Eels - Mark E  - I like Birds....a simple sentiment in a sometimes brutal world.

A yellow Wagtail (sorry, I didn't take this picture)

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