Friday, 20 May 2016

The Green Shoots of Spring....

Asparagus and Strawberries courtesy Fiveways Fruit farm
You know it's really Spring when the Asparagus season is in full swing - and we're lucky to have a farm right here in Colchester. Fiveways fruit farm sell Asparagus straight from the field, as well as strawberries, cherries (in July), and their own delicious apple juice. It's almost opposite the co-op 'Fiveways'. See you there!

Song - not many about Asparagus. How about Shonen Knife ' Riding on The Rocket' - contains the great lyrics
 Riding on the rocket I wanna go to Pluto
Space foods are marshmallows, asparagus, ice cream
Blue eyed kitty cat said, "Please let me go with you"
Iko, iko everybody let's go
Did anyone see them at the Arts Centre recently? - I was going to, but then got cold feet about seeing a band who had their 15 minutes so long ago, and now I wish I'd gone!

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