Saturday, 13 June 2015

An apology - and the ethics of Blogging

Artwork courtesy Philip Bradshaw

So now I am learning some lessons of blogging - like always read the handouts rather than relying on scribbled notes from memory! Big Apologies to Philip for re-titling his works in my previous blog. The works in his show are:

Failing to communicate, we agree

The garden looks nice

Between the idea and the reality 2015 - 3 and 4

Always here, always now

CC601 (No, Yes, No, Yes)

Trust me; It wasn't meant to be like this; Five quartets; I never said; The people on the bus; That's not what I meant there we are - go see!

While I'm on the subject, last night's busy evening at Firstsite led me to consider the ethics of blogging. So here are my rules:

I will never take a picture of an artist/performer without their permission, and I shall make it clear I may publish it on-line
I will always credit the Artist for the original artwork.
I will endeavour to link to artists or venue websites.
I will declare an interest where freebies/inducements/bribes/lunches etc are concerned (keep 'em coming).
......................see you at Firstsite tomorrow am. for Morris Dancing!

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