Monday, 15 June 2015

Guest reviewer at Firstsite

Welcome to my first guest reviewer - the mother-in-law - Inger (and Frank and Pineapple courtesy of Hunt and Darton She grew up by the sea and has painted for many years. Seemed ideal for some pithy insight, but when she came out she was raving about someone who had found new ways of creating art while laying in a hospital bed dying. Thank you Natasha Carsberg. As for the other paintings, Inger said ' It's all about brush strokes'.
We all look at art differently and have different emotional responses. Some people enjoy the 'nuts and Bolts' of how it was produced (Inger), others find tranquillity in the Zen-like build-up of the sea in black and white (and every shade of grey).
So, leave you preconceptions outside if you can.
Many thanks John Virtue (courtesy of the artist and Firstsite No apologies for using this picture again - I'm rather pleased with it!

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