Saturday, 27 June 2015

not going out

Sorry to all my followers (hello mum), decided not to drive to Harwich for the best little arts festival in the world - Harwich Festival. I've blogged for three weeks solid, gone to everything I could, and I've been at work at Beth Chatto's for 13 days in a row (if you count listening to the Colchester Chamber Choir as work). So on this lovely summer's day I'm in the Garden with a BBQ (thanks Willow Farm via Wivenhoe Farmers Market). It's also nice to look back on a great week of art - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker were brilliant - She with all Maddy Prior's soaring vocals, but altogether darker, he with every note plucked with meaning. I hope to bring them back to Essex in the Autumn - watch this space. Roman River Festival - sign them up!Tomorrow Leigh-on-sea Folk Festival, Tuesday a great-sounding concert at Ramsey as part of the Harwich Festival - see you there!
The most numerous Duo in the world - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker with Jo Silverston and Anna Jenkins at the Harwich Festival. Many thanks to the artists and organisers.

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