Sunday, 20 December 2015

Listen up...

Thanks to all who stopped and watched 'Annie's Fantasies' dance this afternoon on the quay in Wivenhoe. Hope you enjoyed it. And thanks to the 'Rose and Crown' - some nice beers on there at the moment.
I still haven't made it to the new exhibitions at Firstsite, but it looks a great place to take the children next week, with activities linked to two major exhibitions.

....though I do worry about where he's going to throw Firstsite!

Song today.... Style Council, Speak like a Child...first a great live version (Weller somehow gives the lyrics a hint of edginess, ok I'm a bit biased having seen every Jam tour from 1979 until the end), but if you want a real laugh watch the official video - Mr. Weller, what were you thinking? Pop music in 1983!

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