Friday, 4 December 2015

No Christmas in Site...

tasteful at Firstsite
Something interesting happening?
For those fed up with shopping and pantos (or even just the thought of them) It's great to see Firstsite continuing to feature real live art across many media. The Cinema features the very popular live screenings (one of the oddest comments I had about one of my posts was someone complaining that they tried to  see a live Hamlet screening but it was full....So book early!). My eye is also drawn to a charity event on Sunday 20th December from 6 pm, free to anyone under 25 - why not go along?
 And of course there's the opening party for the new exhibitions this Friday (11th December, starting 7 pm)

Song....Talking Heads...the Great Curve ..from the amazing album 'Remain in Light'. Sometimes in researching this blog (oh yes I do!) you find a live video and think...ok, maybe the album track then... but this, wow, what I live act.

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