Friday, 12 February 2016

When you're in a hole.....

As I walked, like thousands of Colcestrians  have done for 2000 years, through the Balkerne gate, I stumbled upon these two chaps from Colchester Archaeological Trust, doing a mini-excavation. It's amazing what the Trust have done for Colchester, and you can support them by joining the Friends group. The latest exciting find, which is in all the press (and not just in Colchester) is of the arcade that fronted the Temple. You can view the remains tomorrow from 10 am, meet at Castle Entrance. See you there!
I think this might be the building - the view was slightly different 2000 years ago!
Song - Adele - A Million Years ago - haven't had a song from the Walthamstow wonder yet..I was completely hooked when I saw her at Somerset House in 2008 (was it really that long ago?...must be, Google doesn't lie does it?... well, maybe a bit when it comes to tax). The new Amy Winehouse she was billed as then, nothing like her of course. By the way, if you haven't seen it catch the film 'Amy' - quite harrowing, it made me cry in row 78 of the A380 flight to Miami recently - other passengers must have wondered what I was on.

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