Friday, 26 February 2016

Janet and John.....

what a lot of books -with thanks to Colchester Library/Essex County Council
and a handy place for my bike too!
The Essex Book Festival seems to get bigger every year, attracting famous authors and featuring a huge diversity, linked by a common thread - books (there's a clue in the name). I  just love a proper book, the patina of age on it, turning the pages, using an old train ticket as a bookmark (currently a Miami Metro ticket), the anticipation of a book on a table. And I've been using our libraries as soon as I learnt to read (Janet and John!), and still pop in most weeks. Use it or lose it!
But I do have a problem with a book festival - I love to read, but I struggle with the point of people talking about reading. Still, that's just me and I hope to get to some events. Don't knock it until you've tried it! Many events are held in local libraries and if  you're anywhere near please go along - tickets are from the Mercury Theatre box office. Vince Cable, Richard III, Orson Welles, Queen Victoria, they're all there, and many fictitious characters as well. See you there!
Song - Everyday I write the Book - Elvis Costello - though, I always thought, one of his less-successful songs, until it was rescued by Ron Sexsmith. .

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