Thursday, 3 March 2016

Don't start without me!

Hannah Sanders with Ben Savage at Folkeast

I haven't made it to much in town recently for various reasons, so I was really looking forward to seeing the excellent tiata fahodzi in the Mercury Studio. Sadly Mrs. Blogger had an evening meeting, so I hadn't booked tickets. About 6.15 I decided to just make sure there were still seats by checking on-line. Disaster - not even a 'book here' button! A panic phone call to the Box office revealed the show had started at 6, not 8 as in the brochure! Shows you should always read those emails. Never mind, off to the Arts Centre for a very enjoyable 'Wonderful Wednesday' by Ross Sutherland. Anthony Roberts saves the day again!
Anyway, enough of my  embarrassment. Two great music events over the next few days - Tasmin Little plays classical violin at the Mercury on Saturday, but that's sold out, so why not get along to the Arts Centre to hear the amazingly pure voice of Hannah Sanders. Some of her formative years were spent in America, so she sings songs from both sides of the Pond. Highly personally recommended - sadly I can't be there. I think it starts at 7.45, but you'd better check.....

Song - well something from Hannah's album 'Charms against Sorrow' - I'll Weave my Love a Garland.

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