Friday, 18 March 2016

Pop goes Firstsite

Famous for..a little more than 15 minutes

So excited to visit the opening party tonight at Firstsite for the Andy Warhol exhibition. A very brief visit (I'll pop back next week) but first impressions are this is a must visit for everyone. The 'Factory' is installed right at the heart of everything, and is a great place for artists of all ages to have a go.
Digital, or good old-fashioned dirty fingers - it's all here!
Art-wise Camille Walala's mural steals the show.
If only all Gents' loos were this well decorated!
All photos taken on opening night 18th March 2016, with huge thanks to all at Firstsite, artists Camille Walala and Hattie Stewart, and Anthony Roberts.
Ghost of Firstsite past

Song... Paint a vulgar picture - the Smiths - so much in this, but don't take it too literally with regards to anyone in particular!

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