Sunday, 20 March 2016

Choir with a score to settle....

Zachary Kleanthous of Colchester Chamber Choir
I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's Colchester Chamber Choir performance of music for Easter. The final piece, Leonardo Leo's 'Miserere mei'  seemed almost modern, mixing and matching musical styles. (sorry, being 18th century religious music it's sung in Latin, but the programme helpfully provides a translation, and in any case, being the aethiest plebian that I am, I don't bother about the words too much, just luxuriating in the wonderful interplay of voices. Yet another musical instrument I have no hope of mastering - so I have huge respect for those that have!)
And... there's a great story attached to the Choir getting the scores to sing from.
They were asked for a small fortune for scores (essential to sing from). Choir member and gifted young professional singer Zachary was able to download a publicly-available copy of the score and reproduce it using Sibelius computer annotation software. A great service to music-lovers in Colchester!
Look out for their summer concerts - I have to say I'm very proud that they are returning to the Beth Chatto gardens on 19th June by kind permission of Beth Chatto and her grand-daughter Julia Boulton - tickets soon available on- line - See you there!
Colchester Chamber Choir rehearse in the Beth Chatto Gardens, June 2015
Song - A little more from the concert - Leonardo Leo - Miserere mei (Have mercy on me)- this really is beautiful music - why should the Devil have all the best tunes!

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