Wednesday, 16 March 2016

It's a Wonderful World....

Up these steps..


Which way do you get to 'Wonderful Wednesdays' at our Arts Centre?

I usually have a quick bite at the Embassy Chinese Buffet, than round the corner, through the Roman Wall, and you're there. Throw the money you can afford in the bucket and you're in! (Really popular shows have been known to sell out, so I sometimes book on-line, though it seems wrong for a 'pay what you can' night).

Through this door..
The shows last about an hour usually. Sometimes the performance engulfs you, sometimes it leaves you hot or cold, sometimes you're part of it (well actually, you're always part of it - can you have a performance without an audience?). Go, and just let it happen - don't think too much is my rule. You may even enjoy it - see you there! - this week, award-winning play 'The Tailor of Inverness'.

Song - what do you think - It's a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

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