Friday, 11 March 2016

Singing with Passion...

Christ being laid in the tomb, Troyes school, Chaource, France

I always seek out a concert of Easter Music to enjoy, and this year I'm delighted I don't have to go far...the excellent Colchester Chamber Choir are singing a varied programme at St Teresa's, Lexden, just off Straight road. I'd book tickets via their website if I was you, as their concerts tend to sell out. Saturday 19th March.
Colchester Chamber Choir rehearse at Firstsite last year
Other choirs are available

I've been thinking why an atheist (me) would want to go to hear religious music at Easter, and I think there are two reasons. Firstly I think it marks a seasonality and a progress through the year that goes back a long way. Secondly - there's some damn fine music! Sitting in a church for two hours listening to music is a great antidote to the world rushing round outside (no extension of Sunday shopping please..there's enough hours in the week to shop already). And in the hands (or voices) of Roderick and the Choir it should be brilliant. See you there.

Song - one of the pieces the Choir will sing, by Gesualdo (don't ask me - you'll have to come along to find out!)

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