Monday, 20 July 2015

Finding your way

So here is the entrance to the Colchester Art Society summer exhibition. If you recognise it, you've done well. I reckon Simon Carter has more work to do than Anthony Roberts to make this accessible. But anyway, my followers (maybe the plural is pushing it a bit), I found it, so what of the art? Maybe worrying if I'd ever find my way back home from Block J affected my mood, but I found the experience somewhat depressing. Lots of overworked paintings, mostly 'of something, someone or somewhere'. It was probably significant that I liked the abstract works better - I was particularly taken with Roger Hamer's 81 Days of Summer and 81 Days of Autumn. And of course the show is stolen by the shoes. You have to find block J, just for the paper shoes.
A friend of mine asked if I'd seen the exhibition - she loved it and had bought a work. And I guess that's the point - if you want something pretty to put on the wall, there's plenty here. So here are the shoes - and go and see it for yourself until Saturday 25th July.
Thanks to Annette Burrows and Colchester Arts Society

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