Thursday, 9 July 2015

Out on a shout

Sorry to all my loyal readers (hello again mum), I have neglected to blog for a few days - I've been away in Sheringham. I didn't think you'd want more pictures of Morris dancing (let me know if you do, I have plenty). While there for the Morris dance weekend (the Lobster Potties), I took in a gig by the Shantymen (very good, catch them if they're in the area). For the second half they were slightly depleted in numbers - some of the singers had gone out on an emergency lifeboat call. I never thought Shantymen might actually go on boats! It was a real emergency too - you know something's up when a police car, a coastguard vehicle, a fire engine, an ambulance and a Seaking helicopter all pass the pub garden in quick succession! So remember next time you are at a gig that isn't as good as you hoped, it's just art and entertainment, not a matter of life and death. Please support the RNLI - volunteers who work professionally in all weathers.

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