Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Local hero

A chance encounter involving random musical instruments at the Beth Chatto Gardens led me to Pru Green's marvelous new gallery in Wivenhoe, the the Sentinel gallery. It comes as a surprise to wander down this track and come to a modern building that fits perfectly into it's space, elegant, not at all bombastic, a lovely example of modern architecture. Of course we all know Pru as the maker of colourful, lustrous, functional and reasonably-priced pottery, but this gallery space will be home to some interesting exhibitions. A beautiful little gallery, and from what I saw in my sneak preview this lunchtime (while Pru was trying to get some lunch) the exhibition opening on Saturday will be full of vibrant colour. Jenny Wheatley at the Sentinel, Chapel Road, Wivenhoe Saturday 25th July to 16th August. See you there Saturday!

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