Friday, 3 July 2015

That takes the Biscuit

Talking Biscuit tins - is it art? My visit this morning to the wonderful Minories (and to   - more in my next blog) left me musing on the old question - what is art. First World War soldiers left a permanent mark of their existence on Army ration biscuits. Were they saying anything more than 'hello mum' or 'I was here'? Probably not, but it leaves you musing on permanence. Something that was made to be consumed has become permanent (the biscuit), and something you might have considered permanent (the Biscuit factory in Reading, which I walked past everyday on my way to school) has gone. And of course the lives of all those men and women have gone - or have they?
Army ration biscuit made by Huntley and Palmer, decorated by a member of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps. Courtesy Minories (with thanks to Lee Pugh) and Reading Museum. - a splendid building, I recommend it if you're ever in Reading.

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