Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The bright lights at the end of the tracks...

Someone recently posted on Dorian Kelly's excellent Facebook group itallhappensincolchester that it wasn't worth going to an event in Colchester because there was much better stuff on in London, just 50 minutes on the train. And of course he has a point, but also misses the point. It's not about 'Better', it's about enjoyment, and having fun, and relaxing, and being part of the community you live in. And maybe even taking part. So as usual I'm spoilt for choice in the next few days - Open-air Shakespeare in Castle Park? Wonderful Wednesday at the Colchester Arts centre ? Art and events at Firstsite  - or the Minories ? And of course we have wonderful pubs like the Odd One Out or the QueenStreet Brewhouse. So Madonna or the Magna Carta may not come to town anytime soon, but we can still have fun!
Talking of the Magna Carta, if you do find yourself up the end of the tracks in London, don't miss the show at the British Library. From 800 year old documents, to the American declaration of independence in Jefferson's own hand, to Tony Hancock (I kid you not), it is an amazing exhibition.

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