Friday, 7 August 2015

Bragging rights....

What a great experience at Snape Proms on Wednesday. I obeyed all my own rules - talk to other fans, get close to the stage (but watch out for security), and if you're cheeky and ask nicely you can get away with all sorts of things. So I was chatting to a lady from Norwich who had seen Billy Bragg 31 times (as I joked, so that's 31-0 to you at the moment), when the tour manager brought out the set list to tape on the stage. Ooh, says us, can we see? sure says he. Can we get a picture? - of course says he. So here's the setlist that  Billy Bragg played at Snape. Anyone that can get the full names of all these tunes...should get out more! And there are some trick ones (Shirley is not the true name of a Bragg song). Between the Wars and (A) New England  the easy ones.
Don't forget there are other great Gigs at Snape all through August - I hope to make Ward Thomas, great Country music from young twins, next Tuesday. Go gals! I first saw them at the wonderful Little Rabbit Barn in Ardleigh - so it's worth checking what's coming up there, intimate concerts with great sound and a good atmosphere. Guest list for this Saturday looks full (you can always try pleading with Jonathan), but dates in Sept, Oct and November all look good - see you there!
Little Rabbit Barn in it's everyday mode - a carport! 48 hours later it will be ready to rock! Many thanks to Jonathan, Lyn, my new friend from Norwich, Billy Bragg's friendly and helpful Tour manager, and the Great Billy himself. Are there any other artists whose gigs have to finish in time for them to watch Newsnight?

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