Sunday, 2 August 2015

How Bazaar...

What a wonderfully chilled Colchester afternoon. Nice beer and cider at the Queen Street Brewhouse, then some morris Dancing, then lunch at the Waiting room Bazaar, (and more beer). Wonderful Vegan raw Pizza (yes, that's what I thought too - but just try it - fantastic) from Organic Alex. He's so new (and rightly focuses on the food)  that he hasn't got his social media sorted yet, but he hopes to have it up and running this week - look for him on Facebook or at Seems this event happens every first Sunday of the month - check it out (though I can't guarantee morris dancing every time - it was just a random coincidence - though if you'd like us to dance - see Annie's Fantasies ). Then back home for a wonderful bbq burger from my good friends at Primrose pork - visit their farm shop or at Wivenhoe Farmer's market - every 2nd Saturday of the month. So much good food out there -vegan or real meat from passionate farmers - take your pick (why not both?!).

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