Monday, 31 August 2015

Off the wall....

Wonderful exhibition at the Minories until 24th September. Mark Wilsher has raided the homes of local residents and put together some of the pictures they had on their walls (and sculptures from their gardens) in an amazing set of juxtapositions that ask all sorts of questions about how we identify with images.  I have tried not to give the game away with the above photo, but some of it is laugh-out-loud funny! As you walk in you are greeted with Van Gogh's Sunflowers, except of course it's not, except it sort-of is. And I love the fact that their are no captions to explain the works, so you see what you see, without someone else putting their curatorial mark on it.
Mark Wilshire with two of the owners of a Van Gogh, Dorian and Sheila Kelly. Dorian is explaining how maybe he doesn't want his picture back!

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