Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lounging on the er..... Lawn

We'll, hats off to all for the 'Lounging on the lawn' ' festival this weekend. Good beer, cider, and music. And Colchester weather - dry and sunny. first the beers (well, it is a beer festival) - Mersea - solid, well-made, nice pints. Colchester Brewery top quality - every beer is far too drinkable. Pitfield - funky - Woodbine racer usually cloudy and very complex - wine-drinkers'  beer!
Music hit and miss - but don't miss our local rising stars Chloe Hawes and Josh Smith who also play tomorrow. Thrilled to meet these young musicians working hard to entertain us. Nice self-penned numbers... and mandolin tuning! Please catch them tomorrow at
Thanks to Chloe Hawes and Josh Smith for music and image. PS Mrs blogger recommends the User friendly cider (though the Carters is nice too)

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