Monday, 3 August 2015

Wearing badges is not enough... in days like these

Don't forget in you rush to London for entertainment that there's great stuff on in East Anglia - even Ipswich dare I say it! I can't wait until Wednesday when I'm off to the Snape Proms to see one of my musical heroes, Billy Bragg (yes, that is an original copy of his single Levi Stubbs Tears, which I paid 1.99 for in 1986).Snape proms has a fairly eclectic mix of music (I also recommend Ward Thomas next week) but our Billy is pretty off the wall for the good Britten-loving Tories of Suffolk. Either every socialist in East Anglia will be there, or some Suffolk ladies-that-lunch are in for a surprise! Anyway, it's sold out, so more people have heard of him than I thought! The 'proms' tickets, by the way, are a joke - you're meant to sit genteely on the floor - for a rock gig?!

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