Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hard Work and Harmonies

Sorry for the lack of blogs the last few days - I've been down to Broadstairs for the Folk Festival weekend. As you can see the beer flowed, but I still managed to take in acts old and new ..two of which I hope to bring to Colchester. One of  the acts I stumbled across in a pub in Broadstairs last year - I went in to shelter from the rain (and maybe find some refreshment) and this duo were playing, lovely harmonies and well thought-out guitar work, not just your usual strumming. And catchy songs. Of course I bought the CD (if it's not too objectionable always buy the cd, it's the only way these performers can even cover their costs) and it has been on my playlist ever since. Walked past a bar this year, decided I needed some refreshment so popped in for a beer. Lo and behold, there was Blackdoghat again - the very same! So big thanks to Ian Nicholson (left) and John Sage (right) for making my weekend. They are at the Southend Beerfestival Saturday - catch them if you can.

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