Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bits and Pieces...

This Charming Man...Dr .Ian Ray seated at the Moot Hall organ
Hiding her bushel under a light
Well, a Colchester miscellany this week - all sorts of fun activities, despite the all-too rapid onset of 'Christmas' festivities and all that implies - wall-to-wall craft fairs and pantos. Still, in the spirit of Christmas present, perhaps I should try reviewing a few - watch this space!
Anyway, lovely Organ Recital at the Moot Hall last Tuesday - the last in the series is on 1st December (Festive music) - 1 pm. I suggest you get there in good time - the hall was busy this week!

And our Arts Centre continues it's eclectic and entertaining programme - Wonderful Wednesdays of pay-what-you-can performance art was as usual well worth going out for, though I did pass on Tina Bradshaw's life coaching, what with being charming and perfectly mentally and emotionally balanced. (Me I mean, not Tina, although that probably applies to). Let's hope my mum's not  reading today.

So, please get out and enjoy our town - see you there!
Some music - oh, ok, The Smiths - This Charming Man - the 80's wasn't all bad you know!

With thanks to Bev Bishop, a Wonderful Wednesday-goer, and the Bear

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