Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fool on a hill....

He's leaving home....Bye bye.

OK that's enough Beatles references. Exciting news for the blog - I'm turning professional! Supported by the deep pockets and misplaced confidence of Mrs. Blogger (pictured above), I'm leaving the Beth Chatto Gardens and forming my own promotions company, Bread and Circuses. The name obviously reflects our unique Roman Circus, and comes from the Roman satirical poet Juvenal:

"...two things only the people anxiously desire - Bread and Circuses"

He was commenting that the Roman citizens were no longer interested in the important issues of running the Empire, and were happy as long as they had full stomachs and Circus entertainments. A lament exploited by politicians ever since. Anyway.... after a couple of sold-out concerts at Beth Chatto's, my next gig will star the talented Fern Teather, who has just released her first album 'Hiding in the Dark'.

I've seen Fern a couple of times at the wonderful Little Rabbit Barn (thank you Jonathan) and she is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist ...but don't take my word for it! - tickets at:

Come early (from 7 pm) to enjoy pre-gig entertainment from Annie's Fantasies Clog-dancers.
Small discount for booking on-line! See You There, anyone mention they read my blog (you'll have to prove it by naming the song!), I'll buy them a beer in the 'Oddie' afterwards!

Ah yes..a song...has to be Fern Teather - Hiding in the Dark....See you on the 14th!

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