Saturday, 7 November 2015

Now't as strange as Folk

Megson perform at Ely Folk Festival earlier this year

Folk music - misunderstood. The problem is, like all music forms, there's a world of difference between the best and the....well, some of the rest. And also, what is Folk? Like all labels, it's very misleading. Until I got involved personally (as you know, Mrs Blogger Clog-dances with local side Annie's Fantasies) I didn't listen to a lot. But years ago a review pointed me to Laura Marling, and then you start to explore. And one of the most amazing music experiences was seeing 'The Peatbog Fairies' at the Bury festival many years ago. Amazing to see them again at Folkeast this summer. So like all music genres, 'Folk' is a broad church. Leave your prejudices at the door please.
One problem with Folk is the apparently compulsory chat between songs. I feel that the music should speak for itself - if it takes longer to explain the song than sing it, surely you've missed the point! But I can definitely say, having seen them twice this summer, that 'Megson' are witty, and also have great songs played with passion. They are at our wonderful Arts Centre on Monday 30th November - I suggest you book soon! And Lau look good too, three-times winner of Radio 2 Folk band of the year, Tues 17th Nov, see you there!

Song - well, Megson of course, Stu and Hanna at Cambridge last year - ah, that's another thing about Folk - they are comfortable totally acoustic - Brilliant!

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