Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Do they know it's (not) Christmas time?..

Sorry to talk Christmas. I have noticed thinly-disguised 'Winter Fairs' starting to pop up in early November - just an excuse to get you in to buy pressies before the 'real' Christmas fairs have started. And W&G have invited me to go Christmas Shopping on 3rd November, before we've even burnt old Guido! Anyway, this blog is determinedly non-grumpy, so you choose when and where to do your Christmas shopping. M&S 24th December, or a Fair in early November, your choice. Me? Mrs. Blogger is lucky if she gets a pair of socks. Usually we head off to Christmas markets somewhere. York was very good a couple of years ago, and so is Birmingham. This year we're off to our favourite, Colmar in Alsace. Here's a view from a previous trip.
Barr, with the Kirchberg vineyard in the foreground. Scrummy wines!

Anyway, what you MUST book for this Christmas is the Colchester Chamber Choir concert on 6th December. Sadly I'll be in...Colmar!
Colchester Chamber Choir rehearse at Firstsite earlier this year

Song.. Walk Out to Winter - a Roddy Frame classic. Best songwriter of his generation?

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